Kosovo and Serbia Geopolitical Expedition

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Next Expeditions: March 25th to April 1st 2020

It’s time to understand Kosovo and Serbia’s conflict.

Kosovo – Serbia

In order to help the region we will be visiting, 5% from the cost of the tour will be donated to locals for planting a trees. By this we help both, locals and nature and we give back a bit to the society.

Sign with us and have a unique, rarely-experienced adventure!

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All about the Kosovo and Serbia Geopolitical Expedition.

Next Expeditions: March 25th to April 1st 2020

It’s time to understand Kosovo and Serbia’s conflict.

Kosovo – Serbia

In order to help the region we will be visiting, 5% from the cost of the tour will be donated to locals for planting a trees. By this we help both, locals and nature and we give back a bit to the society.

Sign with us and have a unique, rarely-experienced adventure!


This expedition leaded by Gilad Sade an expert in wilderness travel, photographer and documentary filmmaker who cover the Balkan, Caucasus and Middle East. Since 2010, Gilad leading expeditions and take people into remote places and conflict zones with the idea to help them to understand the world. After living, traveling and scouting the wonders of the Balkan, Gilad have decided to launch the first border crossing Kosovo and Serbia journey and combine all the best from this amazing place.

For 8 days we will cross the region, meet locals and doubt everything we heard before. This tour is focus in the situation and photography.

Adventure at its best.

Why travel the Balkan you ask?

Well! it’s complicated complex with amazing views, great hospitality, lots of history, and just good old wild nature. That’s how the cross  We’ve collected the best this range of mountains has to offer and melted it into one crazy, unforgettable package.

This expedition is a combination of Backpacking Expedition to Kosovo and Serbia.

At this tour we will ask our self how the conflict affect the life of the new generation?
Is creating an ethnic border the solution for the conflict in Kosovo?
Is Kosovo actually an American colony?

So are you in?

The Highlights of the Trip:

→Visit Serbia’s capital with a local Journalist.

→ Visit North and South of Kosovo.

→ Visit Serbia

→ Backpacking style exploration.

→ Meet local Activists from different communities in the region.

→ Crossing border non tour that you never expected.

→ Meeting with local journalist.

→ Nightlife in Kosovo.

→ Hiking.

→ Visits a churches, monasteries, and mosques.

→ Traditional cooking workshops.

→ Bazaar visit, lots of tasty food.

→ Fence facing Fence experience in the divided city of Mitrovica .

→ Meet locals and experience Kosovo and Serbia culture.

Important Notes:

→ The Multi Cultural Republic of Kosovo is safe and the population is friendly.

→ This adventure is subject to the elements of weather, and political developments in the region. It might require route and location changes on the spot.

→ The non tour includes additional locations that are not disclosed currently and will be revealed on location.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

→ Transportation (Public and Private).
→ Stay in local houses and Hostels.
→ Three meals a day (excluding evenings in Belgrade and Prishtina).
→ International leader.
→ Entrance fees according to the itinerary.
→ Pub crawl in Kosovo.

What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

→ Flight tickets
→ Alcohol
→ Souvenirs
→ Gratuities
→ Anything that is not written or agreed upon in advance

  1. Day 1 Belgrad

    A city exploration with local journalist.

  2. Day 2 Belgrad to Novi Pazar

    After traveling from Belgrade to Novi Pazar, we will meet our local friend that will show us the city’s hidden jam, explore the main market and eat a local dinner at the bazar, meet the people of the city and understand the complication of the Muslim community there.

  3. Day 3 Novi Pazar to Mitrowica

    After breakfast we will travel from Serbia to Kosovo, crossing the border which is one of 2 only border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo that are operated for foreigners.
    At first we will explore the north of Kosovo, a region that inhabited by Serbian Kosovar people. Will meet villagers and at the evening we will get to the divided city Mitrovica.
    In Mitrovica we will travel across the Ibar river wondering what is border about and if drawing ethnic borders is the right decision for Kosovo’s conflict.

  4. Day 4 Mitrovica Jakova

    At this day we will explore Kosovo’s mountains, traveling from Mitrovica to Peja and Jakova. Visiting Dečani Monastery, a UNESCO protected sight also guarded by KFOR (Kosovo forces) a NATO mission in Kosovo.
    In Jakova we will visit the mosque of the Sufi community in the city.
    Sleeping in the old town will be just the right thing after this intense day!

  5. Day 5 Jakova to Prizren

    We will open the morning with traditional Kosovo breakfast, after that we will travel to Prizren where multi cultural communities are living.
    We will climb the hill to the fortress, visit the Serbian monastery and walk around the old city and visit the mosque that build in an orthodox church.
    At the evening we will go for a beer in a nice pub at the down town.

  6. Day 6 Prizren to Prishtina

    We will start this day with a visit to a small village where very interesting community is living. From there we will travel off the beaten path, visiting some hidden places on our way to Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo.

  7. Day 7 Pristina, the capital of Kosovo

    At this day we will explore the capital of Kosovo, meet a local activists who work for better future. Visit some cool sights and walk around the bazar.
    it will be the day where finally we will connect all we saw and in the evening we will check out what night life looks like in Kosovo’s capital.

  8. Day 8 Morning in Prishtina's Bazar

    Breakfast and free time around the city.

With an eye on the EU and USA Kosovo Located in in the Balkan and share deep roots with Serbian and Albanian which also shares the border. Beside that is neighboring North Macedonia and Montenegro, Kosovo remains to this day a frozen conflict zone recognized , 100 out of 193 UN members.

This region is home 1.8M people: mostly Muslim Christian.

The landscape is wild, pristine, and varied, characterized by evergreen forests, Alpine peaks, flat valleys, and the most amazing canyons and rivers.

Euro and Serbian Dinar (By the Serbian community)

Visitors to Kosovo can obtain a visa once arriving in the border. Wild-Trails coordinates all of the logistics.

Central Europe Time Zone
UTC+01:00 Summer time
UTC+02:00 Winter time

On this tour of Serbia and Kosovo you will not lack for delicious, fresh, and unique cuisine.

Like most of the Balkan food, the food in Serbia and specifically in Kosovo contains lots of vegetables, herbs, cheese, and meat.

This expedition will be mostly cold with possible snow in the mountains. Make sure to layer up.

This trip mixes all the best accommodation experiences, mostly base on sleeping in local houses with families.


30% hostels

70% local houses

This adventure is led by our expert Survival and Tour Guide in the Caucasus, Gilad Sade.

Gilad built this amazing trail after many journeys and in-depth research in the Balkan region. He successfully established relations with the residents and local officials of Kosovo, and secured permits to visit locations that are not open for the public.

Gilad speaks Hebrew and English.

He has several certificates in Survival Training and First Aid and has participated in several rescue mission in the Caucasus and in the Middle East.

The language of this adventure is English.

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