Do you think you know, understand or have seen it all!

Because the second you think you do is the beginning of your decline. It is then that you have condemned yourself to confinement and boundaries thus placing a heavy lid on your heart and mind.
The world is vast, mysterious, wild, and constantly changing. Its secrets are kept safe yet whisper every now and then calling out for those who are willing to listen, for those who are still attuned.
With Wild-Trails we are constantly listening to the gusty cold wind coming from the Alps, the sound of flowing rivers in the Himalayas, or the whispers of the deep Black Forest telling us to venture where very few did.
So we spread our wings and follow the wind confident that the world is waiting to embrace all those who are willing to venture.
Our current destinations include Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, Romania, Serbia, Germany and the list is constantly growing.

We invite you to become part of our global journey for the world has more to offer and there is yet more to see. 

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Popular Location:Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia, Tansania


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Expedition to Nagorno-Karabakh

8 Dys

Next Expeditions: 2-9 May / 10-17 July / 14-21 October This unique adventure with Wild-Trails will take you on the most exciting tour of Nagorno-Karabakh and will show you the hidden beauty of the Lesser Caucasus. In order to help the region…

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    8 Days Private Jeep Tour In Georgia

    8 Days

    Impassable mountains, untamed wilderness, ancient traditions and unmatched beauty. It’s time to venture into Tusheti This excursion will take you into the heart of the remote, unique region of Tusheti. The roads to Tusheti are blocked most of the year,…

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