The Caucasus, a magnificent ridge of mountains, is a home to many ancient cultures and tribes, rich with history and marvel.

The Caucasus stretches along 4 countries and 3 autonomous, and has long been an area of political disputes.
The beauty of the nature and wilderness in the Caucasus is second to none. Wild, untamed and unforgiving, from the great plains to the highest mountains of Europe, you will be amazed at every turn.

After years of traveling the Caucasus, and covering every inch of it, be it by traveling or venturing on rescue missions, we’ve decided here at Wild-Trails to take people into the remote, still virgin areas of this amazing ridge where only a handful of travelers have been. We believe that in order to discover the area, you have to travel with those who know it best.

Over the years we’ve formed a strong bond with the locals all over the Caucasus, who are now close friends and co-workers.

So if it’s a cultural, nature or adventure tour you’re after, we’ve got your back friend!

Join us, and explore the wild Caucasus.
See you on the Wild-Trails.

Popular Location: Nagorno Karabakh, Tusheti, Armenia, Abkhazia


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